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Apply as a Nurse in Australia | Here’s a Quick Guide for You

Applying to a nursing agency in Australia is the best option to jumpstart your career as a nurse abroad. An agency can expose you to different job opportunities around Australia.

Considering that Australia needs more nurses more than ever, the chances that you’ll land a nursing job in Australia are high. Moreover, nursing agencies offer nursing jobs in Australia with sponsorship for those that are highly-qualified and experienced.

However, even though Australia’s compensation for nurses is enticing, there still remains a lot of requirements before you can be qualified for the role.

If Australia is your dream country to practice nursing, then this article will briefly introduce you to the regulatory requirements of Australia’s nursing profession.

AHPRA registration requirements

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA) is the regulatory body that regulates health care professionals in Australia. The Nursing and Midwifery Board is under the guidance of APHRA.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board and APHRA require that you satisfy the following requirements:

Criterion one: Identity

You need to present proof of identity documents which shall include, but not limited to, the following: birth certificate, driver’s licence, professional licence.

Criterion two: Language Proficiency

English language proficiency is important for APHRA and for the nursing agency that will hire you. That’s why you need to get a minimum score of seven in the International English Language Testing System’s (IELTS) four components: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. See more at HealthX

Criterion three: Qualification

An important criterion that is heavily considered in your application is your qualification in terms of educational attainment. APHRA will determine if your educational attainment matches Australia’s nursing education standards.

However, if you are a nurse with a degree or diploma coming from any of the following countries, you are deemed to have met nursing qualification in Australia:

  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • The Republic of Ireland
  • The United States of America
  • United Kingdom

Criterion four: Tenure of Practice

You must present evidence to APHRA that you’ve been practising nursing for a defined period before applying.

Criterion five: Fitness to Practice Nursing in Australia

Fitness pertains to your capacity to practice nursing. You are deemed unfit to practice if:

  • You are subject to legal or disciplinary proceedings, or;
  • You have mental incapacity (i.e. insanity, dementia)

Visa application

After APHRA’s approves your application, you need to apply for a visa to work and to stay in Australia. Visa types depend on the nature of your employment.

Some remote nursing jobs at nursing agencies require a General Skilled Migration visa. However, if there is employer sponsorship, then the three visa types are applicable:

  • Temporary business. This is not a permanent visa, and it is termed as “temporary skill shortage visa.”
  • Employer nomination scheme. This is a permanent visa that enables the applicant to live and work in Australia permanently after being nominated by the employer.

Being an Australian nurse is rewarding. Start your career in an Australian nursing agency or employer now. Discover many opportunities at HealthX, Australia’s leading nursing solutions company. Visit them at

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How to select the best private clinic in your area: Useful tips

It happens often that public clinics do not satisfy our needs due to different reasons. In some cases, we aren`t happy with the lack of attention, in others the appointment time isn’t the most convenient. In some cases, doctors are not always available or don’t respect the appointments time. That’s why, many people prefer private clinics or private practices, like a Carina GP, for example.

carina gp

Requirements to a private clinic

It happens, though, that even private clinics don’t meet our expectations. That’s why you need to consider following some tips to select the best one. What should you pay attention to when checking a private clinic that you are going to consult for a long time? Some tips are here:

– The clinic of your choice needs to have friendly staff. Sometimes it helps even when a doctor speaks to you in a nice and supportive way. This is also especially important when they are handling kids or elderly patients. For example, a Carina GP cares for this aspect.

– The clinic can be either specialized or general one. For example, if you are looking for the service of vasectomy Brisbane has to offer, you might find it as a separate service or as a practice. Both cases are okay if the services are provided by a medical doctor with a proper qualification.

– Make sure you get a clear idea about the prices. Otherwise, you might end up paying endless bills for services that you have never requested but were provided. For example, if you are going to use the services of a physio Carina has today, you should not pay for any psychological help if you haven’t requested it but were provided it. If another, additional service is needed, the clinic staff should inform you and get your agreement before they would provide it. Otherwise, you are free not to pay for it.

– The staff should be able to inform you in advance when the results of your medical examination are ready and if you would need a further attendance by their specialists. It is okay, however, if they don’t inform you of the results over the phone. For example, if you have used the services of a vasectomy clinic Brisbane has, you can request to inform you if you need to visit their specialists more or your treatment is over. The reason is simple: if you don’t need any further attendance, you save your time and money if you are informed about it in time.

Do you know the best private clinic in your area?

If you are looking for the best private medical services in the Brisbane area, pay attention to a Carina GP. There are several reasons why you would like the clinic. They are reliable. If you make an appointment, you will be attended on time. Emergencies happen and even doctors can get sick suddenly; if that happens, you will be notified immediately about the appointment delay or time change. They provide a wide range of medical services for reasonable prices.

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Services to expect from bulk billing doctors in Cairns

The bulk billing doctors Cairns has today is who most patients need.

Medicare insurance is the Australian Government universal healthcare scheme since its inception since 1953.

Medicare pays a benefit to a patient for various healthcare expenses including consultation fees, tests, and examinations your doctor orders, eye tests carried out by optometrists, and most surgical procedures.

bulk billing doctors cairns

Medicare allows most bulk billing doctors Cairns wide to look at your medical condition. One needs to identify clinics that turn away Medicare card holders seeking health services to avoid inconveniences.

Nevertheless, what exactly is bulk billing and what do bulk billing doctors do?

How bulk billing works

If you are visiting bulk billing doctors Cairns has today, you will rarely have to cover your medical account from your pocket.

Bulk billing is when a doctor accepts your Medicare card as payment for medical services rendered. The Medicare card is swiped at the clinic, and you sign a form acknowledging you were served and you are good to go.

So, with that in mind, what services will your Medicare card get you at a Medicare registered clinic, so you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket expenses?

Comprehensive family care

If you are looking for the best family care, then the medical centres North Lakes can offer should suit your needs.

Some of the services under family care that one needs to look for in medical centres include after-hours care, flu vaccinations, child & adolescent health, women’s health, including reproductive health and fertility, antenatal and postnatal care of mother, men’s health, including vasectomy, elderly health, family counseling and Implanon care among others.

Lifestyle diseases care and management

The medical centre should have the most qualified bulk billing doctors who understand lifestyle diseases and care.

Some of the services that can be bulk billed at a registered medical centre include asthma management, mental health, diabetes management, vein treatment, travel vaccinations and immunizations, smoking rehab programs, sexual health or related infections, cosmetic medicine, and nutrition among others.

Allied health care

Make sure an allied health professional is registered with Medicare and can bulk bill for services rendered at the Medical Centre.

For patients with chronic conditions and complex medical care needs, Medicare gives rebates for visits to allied health professionals, including psychologist, psychiatrist, speech pathologist, physiotherapist, audiologist, dietician, occupational therapists and podiatrist among others.

If you visit Capalaba medical centres, for instance, the GP will draw up a unique care plan for you, stating that you have a chronic medical condition and in need of allied health care services.

Medicals assessment

A medical assessment is specifically for the screening of hindrance factors that may affect a professional in doing their duties accordingly

Some of the services rendered include pre-employment medicals, driver’s license medicals, dive medicals, aviation medicals among others.

Most clinics provide a medical assessment and there are also bulk bill doctors North Lakes wide and in the entire Australian region; however, most clinics will not have all the services under one roof.

Smartclinics is one of the few clinics that have all these services, plus the advantage of an extensive network of medical centres.

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