Why Employers Require A Pre-Employment Medical?

When doing a job interview, an employer might ask the candidate’s education, previous work experience, training, and career aspirations. When the candidate passes with flying colors, the next question now would be:

Are you fit for the job?

Nowadays, more and more employers are taking the time to evaluate candidates via pre employment medical.

But, is it really necessary?

What is a Pre-Employment Tests or Medical?

With injuries and the following worker compensation claims increasing in Australia, it only makes sense that an employer ensures that a candidate is fit— physically, emotionally and mentally— and is able to perform the requirements of the job.

A functional pre-employment medical involves a series of tests and assessments. These assessments may test the candidate’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Some of the tests in a pre employment medical Murarrie offers may include:

  • BMI, weight and height measurement
  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Hearing and Vision Tests
  • Toxicology
  • Muscle flexibility
  • Overall posture
  • Checking for pre-existing conditionsand complete vaccines like flu vaccination

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Medical

  1. Ensuring a Fit and Healthy Workforce

As mentioned before, a pre employment medical helps determine if an individual is fit for the job requirement, physically and mentally.

A medical exam allows employers to find and accept workers with the qualification that can increase workplace efficiency. Physical health and fitness are particularly important for candidates in strenuous fields like manual lifting or firefighting.

  1. Risk Management

A medical assessment also allows you to be aware of any pre-existing diseases or conditions of the applicant that can hinder him from doing his job properly and can help prevent workplace injuries.

For instance, if the candidate is suffering from a back injury, hiring them to do the heavy lifting can worsen his condition.

By knowing any pre-existing condition of a candidate and understanding the risk of the specific job, you can make better decisions. Perhaps you can just assign the individual to operate machinery to lift the heavy load or allow job rotation.

  1. Stable Psychology

The workplace can be quite stressful and hectic. And an employer needs to ensure that the candidate he is considering can take the psychological burden.

This is particularly true for law enforcement careers where applicants are required to go through an emotional or psychological pre employment medical Hemmant offers at present.

These assessments are crucial in establishing that the candidate does not have any underlying mental issues which can lead to misuse of power or depression that may cause absenteeism.

  1. Safety In The Workplace

Every employer wants an alcohol- and drug-free workplace. Not only does it prevent tainting the company’s reputation, but it also helps reduce carelessness that can result in death or injuries, particularly for companies involved in using machinery

Tests for this include urine screening in order to detect the use of alcohol or drugs such as cannabinoids and cocaine. With a medical assessment, you should be able to know if the candidate has a bad habit that can put everyone in the workplace at risk.

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Styles, Cuts, and Fabrics of Men’s Suits in Overview

For many men, the path to elegance begins with putting on a custom suit. Whether, English, Italian or American designs, the culture-defying apparel have today become a universal symbol style and fashion. Suit jackets get defined by a number of characteristics. These include quality of fabric as reflected by their weight and color, cut or style, trimming or detailing and degree of customization to the wearer, among others. Cut is of great significance, since a poorly cut suit will hardly look impressive to wear, whatever the detailing or overall quality. Men interested in classy outfits may find exceptional selections from among the bespoke suits Sydney CBD workshops have available.


Two primary elements compose the cut of a particular suit, namely overall silhouette and exact dimensions of the individual wearer. An excellent tailor of bespoke suits in Sydney cbd for instance ensures cutting a suit in a manner which embraces the wearer’s best features, while diminishing obvious flaws.


For suits of equal cut, a bespoke or custom-made suit is more flattering than an altered or made-to-measure suit, which conversely will have better fit compared to an off-the-rack or unaltered suit. The bespoke suits Sydney cbd tailors make are among the best designs available anywhere.

Bespoke suits get custom-tailored to one’s specifications by a master tailor, who does it by hand. Made-to-measure suits are essentially off-the-rack suits, altered and fitted to the wearer’s frame. A limitation exists as to their extent of alteration, which makes custom-made suits a better fitting option by comparison. Off-the-rack suits have no alterations, since they are made to average specification and do not conform to particulars of the wearer.


Quality of fabric would be another critical aspect after cut and customization, which the makers of bespoke suits Sydney cbd has require considering. Difference in quality between a bespoke and off-the-rack suit is quite obvious. However, both of these designs may seem quite stylish. The case is different with poor-quality fabric, which could cheapen even the costliest custom suit. Wool is possibly the most traditional fabric for making suits, providing an assortment of choice in terms of colors and weights.

You can perhaps choose special Sydney cbd bespoke suits for the summer, whether made from cotton, silk, garbadine, mohair, cashmere or linen, which is a traditional favorite. The tweed suit is a rugged classic most suitable to wear in the country during weekends. It features thick and coarse fabric, designed for repelling wind and water within the oftentimes chilly English countryside. One could appear somewhat off-mark wearing it to a social function within the city. Choice of color for a suit is equally an important decision to make.


Trimming or selection of details is the final indicator of quality for a suit. Options available include linings, pocket styles, button materials, as well as addition of subtle quality signals, like ticket pockets as well as functional sleeve buttons. Although apparently extraneous, such elements reveal the personality of a suit.

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